Anointing alone is not enough for success in life and ministry. Anointing alone does not take foolishness away. When a goat is anointed it becomes an anointed goat. In the same way when a fool receives an anointing he becomes an anointed fool. Seek knowledge and go for wisdom.Pursue wisdom for it is the principal thing; It will guarantee success in life and ministry without struggle. Wisdom founded the earth and understanding established it.Without the wisdom of God, your ministry can not amount to anything. Without it, ministry becomes stressful and burdensome because wisdom is better than strength. Wisdom is a divine creative force that produces greatness out of nothing. Go for the wisdom of God.

Someone is always doing whatever you have been called do to in life and ministry. Those who have successfully done what you are about to do or are doing are pictures of what you can do in life and ministry. These are people who are above you in your area of calling, not necessarily by reason of age but proven results. The impacts and the examples of those higher than you are to lead you to higher grounds in life and ministry. One of the easiest ways to accomplish anything great in ministry and arrive at the ultimate is to locate and follow the footprints of those who have done what you are about to do and have proven track records and results. When you locate them follow them to learn what you need. Your responsibility is to follow and not to run them down.
That ye be not slothfull, but followers of them, who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

You have what it takes to make it in life and ministry. God has deposited in you everything you need to make a full proof of your calling. Do not get trapped and enveloped in the folly of comparing yourself with others. Discover your individuality and accept responsibility to pursue the ministry God has given you with excellence and commitment.Understand that your calling is unique.Your calling is bigger than you. What God wants you to do cannot be done alone. You will need a team to be successful. Surround yourself with the right people. Jesus' Christ had the disciples as members of His team.Train your team to buy into your vision and see their future and purpose within what God has given you. Remember the essence of ministry is raising people who are relevant to Heaven and relevant to their community. You shall succeed in Jesus name. I believe in you.

Ministry attracts all manner of people. Your calling and ministry will attract divine support, human approval and other people who will not believe in you and your ministry.You will have your share of accusation,criticism and persecution in ministry.Success in life and ministry brings fame, glory, fulfillment accompanied with persecutions.Persecutions are tools of destructions and traps of the enemy to keep you from fulfilling your calling and ministry.They are weapons of defense used by failures, the defeated, the discontented, the backward and the unfulfilled to justify their positions. They are tools used by those who are caught in the vehicle of comparison to stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Persecution is part of the program for a faithful believer and sometimes criticisms, accusations and persecutions are appropriate because we have made a bad decision. Other times the persecutions, accusations and criticisms we face are of a more aggressive kind, and involves a person or group going out of their way to fight the purpose of God for our lives.How do you handle criticisms, accusations and persecutions in ministry?
Stay focused on what God called and gifted you to do. Use criticisms, accusations and persecutions to your advantage. Learn from them and move on with your life.Expect them and handle them when they come. Silence is powerful.
Let me know how you have handled criticism, accusations and persecution.
But he shall receive an hundred fold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life:
Mark 10:30

Ministry is a total mystery. Not everyone will believe in your ministry, in you and in what you are called to do. How do you remain focused on your calling when you are accused and criticized? When the going gets tough sticking to God and my vision keeps me going.Vision makes the unseen visible and the unknown possible. Vision generates hope in the midst of despair, accusation,criticism and provides endurance in tribulation.Never abandon your ministry and vision because of discouragement, disillusionment and accusation. What keeps you pursuing your calling in life and ministry when the going gets tough? Share with me.
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun

Your success in life and ministry is connected with locating yourself in God's vision. Vision is a supernatural discovery and insight into one's placement in life and a discovery of God's plan for you.Vision clearly defines where you are heading for and how to get there. Having discovered your calling in God's plan, stick to it till you become a star. Be consistent in your calling.Every calling culminates in greatness, but there is demand to pursue and make full proof of your calling. I pastored Spiritlife Revival Ministries for two years and my highest church attendance was 7 people but I kept on pursuing the calling. Do you feel like giving up? Are you discouraged and discontented? Keep on pressing on for I see glory in the future.
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun

The work of the ministry is by election of grace. It has nothing to do with our background, abilities, inabilities, qualifications and connections. That is why those who look unqualified and incompetent often wear the garment of ministry more than those who look more qualified. When God calls you into ministry He releases His grace to enable you to perform and when you embrace His grace signs and wonders takes place and stardom takes off. In the year 2000, a senior prophet told me that God has not called me, will never call me and can never call me into ministry. Not everyone will believe in the hand of God on your life and ministry. Never allow the opinion of people to destroy the ministry God has given you.Ministry is purely an act of divine election not the opinion of other people. Be encouraged, be strengthened, be bold and receive grace to make full proof of your life and ministry.
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun

Every divine assignment needs divine enabling power for performance. No one can become successful in ministry without the anointing. Your qualifications, background and the people you know are not the answer to the success of your ministry because ministry is not by the strength of man. Jesus Christ could not do ministry without the anointing of the Spirit. The work of the ministry is not possible without the anointing. The anointing is the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit at work in an individual to bring about transformation. The anointing turned Jesus Christ into another man; it moved him from the realm of the ordinary to the extraordinary. Crave for the anointing. Do everything to receive the anointing and when it comes, jealously protect it. Receive grace for a higher dimension of the anointing but remember that not everyone will believe in the anointing you carry.
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.

Great success in life and ministry lies in the call of God on your life and your diligence in the pursuit of that which God has committed into your hands.When the pursuit of your God-given ministry becomes an obsession, success becomes a manifestation. Diligence involves investing your strengths, time,talents, abilities and all you have into the pursuit of your ministry.Ministry is not for lazy people. A lazy minister will end up as a beggar because he has neglected God's system for success in life and ministry-diligence. The labourer is worthy of his wages so all you have to do to receive wages is to labour. After university I moved to Accra to start my life and my ministry with Ghc10. With diligence and God anyone can make meaning out of life and ministry.
Ecclesiastes 10:18 - By much slouthfulnesse the building decayeth; and through idlenesse of the hands the house droppeth through
Proverbs 22: 29-- Seest thou a man diligent in his businesse? he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men.

Receive the spirit of diligence in Jesus name.
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.

The world is looking for people who has the answers to the questions of life. When you walk around, you would realize  that everything is asking you questions. God has given us the power to provide the answers. When God gives a man a ministry ,God also gives the pattern of the ministry.

Demonstration of The Love Of God
Ministry is about the demonstration of the love of God. Love to yourselves and love to your neighbor. Asking yourself what Jesus would have done in every situation. You can be anointed and gifted but if you don’t genuinely care about the people God has given you,you cannot serve God.

Think More About Longevity Than Speed
In ministry, think more about longevity than speed.Be very careful of your manners. The position of a pastor is a position of trust and integrity. Do not have an attitude that shows that you are an ingrate. If you want to go far build strong relationship with God.

Be Simple But Create A Level Of Mystery About Yourself
In ministry , you have to be simple but create a certain level of mystery and uniqueness about yourself and what you do. Whatever that is often seen is always despised. People get familiar with what is common and usual. Every object of mystery attracts human curiosity.  When something valuable comes so cheap suspect it. Don’t give to people who don’t value what you carry

Ministry Is A Divine Assignment
Ministry is not a natural assignment but a divine assignment. You cannot use the tools of the mechanic at the hospital. You cannot carry out ministry in the energy of the flesh.
Without unction,your Christian life is nothing. Never judge the unction on a man of God by the grammar he speaks,or his height or colour. 
 Acts 10:38  
  '' God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.
The unction is the difference maker. An anointing on a man of God will affect you depending on the value you place on it. There is nothing like the anointing.

Take The  Work Of God  Serious
You cannot have outstanding success in ministry when you approach the work of God with a casual approach. Nothing works on itself. Everything that is working is made to work. Someone must work it. The seriousness with which you approach ministry will determine the results you will receive. Nothing is free. Anybody who has become what he/she is today,is because that person has paid the price.

Dedication,Commitment And Faithfulness
Ministry is about dedication, commitment and faithfulness.

Helping People Get To Heaven
Ministry is about helping people get to heaven. The main vision and target of any ministry is to win souls for the kingdom of God. So any ministration that does not win souls for God is not of God.

The Right People
One of the greatest resources God can give any ministry is the right people. Your level of success is determined by the people around you. Wrong people will delay you. They will take you to prison. Jesus Christ took 12 right people to begin His ministry. Right people are people who will treasure your words even in your absence. Pretenders are people who cannot value your words. Even your wife or husband can determine how people value your words.

1.Empower them Through Training-indoctrinate them and help them to grow and be better people. Don’t grow and leave them behind. Don’t grow as your wife or husband is not growing
2.Protect Their Focus From Evil Voices- Every statement is intended to accomplish a set objective. So be concern about the voices they listen to. Apart from God’s voice , your voice must be key to them.
3.Give Them A Future- Give them a future and let them buy into the vision God has given to you.Show trust in them, rebuke them,correct and embrace them. Let them make your vision their vision.
4.The Voice Of The Holy Spirit-Teach them how to make the voice of the Holy Spirit the strongest voice in their lives. Everything must settle down to what the scripture is saying . The Holy Spirit can never lead you astray , so His voice must be the strongest voice. It is dangerous to marry a man or woman who is not listening to the voice you are listening to.
5.Teach Them How To Recognize Your Voice- Teach them how to make your voice the strongest in their lives. Look out for people who are quick to carry out your words, not those who are quick to explain your words. A man who respects you is a man who respects your words,put them into action,and personalize your words. Sons carry out the instructions of their father

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