A prophet is a person commissioned by God to communicate his mind. They can see into the past ,present and the future events through the supernatural . The prophet is the voice of God in the earth .He is an interpreter of the oracles of God.

Prophets cannot tolerate certain behaviors and attitudes

1.Disobedience to prophetic instruction
Everything is simplified in an instruction.Prophets cannot stand disobedience to prophetic instruction.

2. Prophets cannot tolerate familiarity

Matthew 13:58And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

3 . Prophets cannot tolerate being lied to

4. Prophets cannot tolerate when his office is taken for granted.

5. They cannot tolerate bad attitude during prophecy

6. They cannot tolerate atmosphere of sin.

7 Prophets cannot tolerate false prophets and teachers 
Acts 16:17-18

8.They cannot tolerate lack of reverence for God or the house of God .

9. Prophets cannot tolerate mockery.  2 kings 2:22-24

10.prophets cannot tolerate unbelief, complaining and excuses. Mark 6:5-6
Now He could do no mighty work there, except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He marveled because of their unbelief. Then He went about the villages in a circuit, teaching.

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The prophetic is not limited to the church. Prophesying is not when personal details are mentioned ,but it is when the mind of God is communicated .
Joel 2:28

Prophesying Beyond Your Proportion Of Faith
Romans 12:6
Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us ,whether prophecy ,let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith 
Everybody has a proportion of faith . The more word life you have , the more your faith gets built up

When your faith is not built up , when God give you a word you would begin negotiating the word of God. You have to grow on your proportion of faith. Don't prophesy beyond your proportion of faith. When you use your gift it grows.Allow your gift to grow as you grow your faith.

Becoming A Gehazi Instead Of Elisha 
You become more interested in material things and the blessings of life.  Material things will decay. Don't kill your gift by telling lies . Don't manipulate the people because of material gains .  When your gift die the people will leave you. When your focus in ministry is to get money ,you will end up not getting it. When you meet a man of God , don't be interested in his money,fame and personal belongings. Elisha is interested in what is on the head. Be interested in what is on the head of the prophet and not what is in his hands. It is what is one the head ,which is the anointing ,that will give you what is in his hands

2kings 5:21-25

1 kings 19:20-21

Moving Out Of Prophetic Covering 
Makes sure you are accountable to people .Who can rebuke you. Who can correct you.  Every Joshua is accountable to Moses. Every Timothy is accountable to  Paul and every Elisha is accountable to an Elijah. The gift is correct ,but when you are under a covering the gift will last long.

Never make a mistake of comparing yourself with the fathers. Don't allow crowd and gifting to fool you. Don't become proud .You can move out from a church without breaking the church . You can move out of a church without taking members away and without running down the name of the man you served under.

Thinking That You Are The Only Prophet
Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

2 kings 19:14 -18

When you come to the dimension where you think you are the only genuine prophet of God , you are about to die.

Not Mentoring Other Prophets
When you don't impact the grace on other people , you will die alone. Elijah mentored Elisha. Moses mentored Joshua. Jesus mentored the disciples . Elisha destroyed the next generation. Any leader who dies and the next generation is not able to do what he does ,such a leader was not a good leader.

Shutting Down Your Gift Because You Made A Mistake 
Who have not made mistakes before . When you are developing any gift there are mistakes you will make but don't keep making the same mistake. Don't shut down your gate .

1 Samuel 16:6
And it came to pass,when they were come ,that he looked on Eliab and said ,surely the Lord's anointed is before him.

Placing The Gift Above The Fruits
Thinking that the gift of the spirit is the sign of maturing , it is the fruit. Let the gift and the fruits grow hand in hand .

Galatians 5:23-25

Stepping Out Before Your Timing
You may have received the call but you may not have been sent. The fact that God called you does not mean that God sent you. There is prophetic calling,identification of the call,prophetic training and commissioning .Between the time of being called and the time of being sent is the time of training ,affliction and grooming.

Not Having Time For Family And Personal Development 
Your first ministry is to develop yourself ,your gift and to impact your family . There are some prophets that when God does not speak they have nothing to say . When a gift is not packaged well, when other things are not added to it , people will run away from you.

1 Samuel 2:12 Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not theLord.

Not Developing Your Teaching And Preaching Gift
Every prophet must develop his preaching and teaching ability. Be careful about prophets who don't teach and preach. When this happens the prophet cannot attract people whose mind is developed .The people don't grow.

Luke 20:1

Matthew 4:23

Not Walking With Wisdom

Not Giving God The First Place In Your Life 

Becoming Familiar With The Voice Of God

Prophetic Indiscipline

Not Developing Relationship With Other Ministers 

Allowing Accusations To Destroy Your Ministry
Mark 10:29-30

Lack Of Prophetic Packaging 
Your character and your integrity is part of the packaging . Be so unique.

Fighting Those Who Have Gone Ahead Of You
Proverbs 20:20

Allowing Sex,Money And Pride To Destroy You

Not Handling The Pressure Of The People In A Matured Way

Impatience In Interpretation of Prophecy
1 Samuel 16: 2-7

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Having a prophetic gift does not means you have a prophetic ministry . Prophets are not above humanity . When any one is growing in the prophetic ministry ,there are mistakes you would make. You don't pray to become a prophet ,but you are called to be a prophet.

1 Samuel 9:15-  20.  2 Kings 7:1-5
Every prophetic person need to identify his place of high strength ,his place of authority and encouragement.  Samuel had all the gifting of a prophet within him. The calling of the prophet started before the conception of the prophet. But until this calling is touched ,that person might not function as the prophet he has been called to be. That is why there are people called as prophets who do not know that they are prophets , so they are functioning as pastors ,teachers or even ordinary Christians. 

Prophecy is a divine communication medium that God uses to transfers, transmit or broadcast or relay the plans,purpose ,ideas and ideals of God as it concerns  a people,nation and situations .The expression of the thoughts and intents of God concerning a people or nation.
Prophecy is not the idea of men but the idea of God. Buying into the idea of divinity into  the life of humanity so that it aligns to the intent of God. Prophecy does not emanate from man but from God . A man of prophecy is a man of divine agenda . Any time you receive prophecy you have an advantage to do better than a man who has not receive prophecy .

The Nature Of The Source
Every genuine prophetic word has its source from God. That is why if you have to judge prophecy you must judge its source. A true test of  prophetic word is when it pass the test of the source. God is the author of prophecy. In these day there are many sources that prophecy can come from. We can have demonic sources . You don't judge prophecy by how detailed they are, because the devil imitates what God has created . 
Genesis 1:1-10 
There is also the human source of prophecy , when people prophesys by the seeing of the eye and the hearing of the ear. 

The Nature Of Revelation 
Every prophetic word comes as a revelation . When prophecy comes as a revelation lost of the time they will oppose your reality . The information God makes available to us . The divine information God makes available to humanity to express he 
It can come as a vision , a knowing or an inspiration. When a prophecy is at the revelation all stage it is easy to loose it and fight it . This is because this revelation will not be the same as your reality .

The Nature of Interpretation And Clarity 
The fact that you have received a revelation does not mean you understand that revelation. The problem with people is not that they don't have revelation , but the problem is they don't understand the revelation.
The nature of interpretation is a deep understanding and clarity that helps us  to know what God is saying and the meaning of what have been received from God.

A prophet is someone who has revelation and who has ability to give meaning to revelation. Without interpretation of revelation the prophet will not be operating with understanding but with assumption . 
When you receive a prophecy and you don't understand ,just tell the people what you have seen and let them interpret it by themselves.  Wrong interpretation of prophecy can destroy the life of the recipient . So we need to ask God for understanding . So your prayer should be God help me to grow in revelation and understanding. The knowing and application

The Nature Of Application 
Now that you have received the prophecy and the interpretation ,what must you do. You must apply the prophecy. The miracle is in the doing of the prophecy. The nature of application is the nature of knowing how to apply what have been revealed and interpreted. The problem with many people is the application of prophecy . When God speak is not entertainment 

The Nature of Time 
Inherent in every prophetic word is the nature of time.Every prophetic word has an appointed time for manifestation . In the same way every prophetic word has an appointed time to reveal it . The reason why some prophecies have not come to pass is because they were revealed at the wrong time.

The Nature of Conditionality and Non-Conditionality 
Some prophecies are conditional with their fulfillment ,dependent on their humanistic obedience and adherence to the details of prophecy . Other prophecies are unconditional and will take place no matter what happens .Prophecies are not automatic . Prophecy has the God phase and the man phase. when these two phases marry then the prophecy shall come to pass . The moment the prophecy moves from divinity ,It is now subjected to humanistic control. 
Every prophetic word is redemptive by nature . The second coming of Christ is a prophecy that will surely come to pass. When you do what you must do you will see what you must see.

The Nature of Progression
Prophecies are in parts. Personal prophecies are progressive by nature . They unfold progressively and gradually with each prophecy adding new revelation.

1Corinthians  13:9
For we know in parts , and we prophesy in part.

There is a time that God will talk to you about one phase of your life, that does not mean God is not interested in the other phases of your lie . God will talk to you about the revelation and the Genesis of your life at different times. 

The Nature Of Fulfillment 
The glory of prophecy is not in its excitement . God speaks to prophecy fulfilled . The glory of prophecy is in its fulfillment . There is prayer involved in the fulfillment of prophecy.prayer is a divine medium where humanity reaches out to divinity . Prophecy is the medium where divinity reaches out to humanity . If you don't pray ,divinity will never mind you

The Nature of The Past,Present and The Future 
Every personal prophecy speaks the kind of God concerning the present ,the present and the future .Prophecy contains the element of past ,present and the future . Prophecy deals with the past ,present and the future . God goes into the future and brings the knowledge of the future into the NOW to help us know how to live our lives in order to make the future come to pass.

The Nature of Divine Purpose 
Every prophecy is released to fulfill God's intents,plans and purpose . Every prophecy is God's word , that is why sometimes you don't understand it . So , the first reaction to prophecy is the reaction of doubt because God's purpose reacts negatively to the environment of the recipient of the prophecy . Mary was prophesied to that she will get pregnant as a virgin ,and Mary doubted it because the mind of God is bigger than the mind of man.

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