You can  be born again and not blessed. It is interesting to know that It is not every believer who is ready to live up to the standards of the scriptures . Hebrews 10:25. Luke 22:4

As a Christian you have to become a law and a law giver ,to the extend that people will look at your life and model their lives after your life.

Everything happening around us proves to the fact that any moment from now Jesus Christ will appear that is why we need to be planted in a church. Psalm 92:10-12

There are a lot of righteous people around us who are not flourishing and growing. When the righteous is not becoming an example we need to start asking questions,because the righteous is ordained by God to flourish.

The righteous will only flourish when they are planted . A lot of people are not flourishing because they keep transplanting themselves from one church to another . A seedling that is being transplanted over and over again cannot have its roots growing deep and strong. So you need to be planted in a church.

You don't transplant trees. When you do that you kill their ability to flourish. If you don't give attention to the word of God you cannot create your world . It was the word God used to create the world.

When you become born again you become part of the multitude. As part of the multitude your name is not singled out. But you must find yourself as part of a church(a local assembly)

No matter how technologically you grow , you can never outgrow the standards of the scriptures.
Church must not be attended on Facebook and the Internet. You must be part of a church and an assembly.

You must be rooted in a church, because that is where you will grow. Identify a church and be planted there. Don't be easily transplanted. The reason why a lot of people  who are members of churches are not growing is because they are not rooted members. Being just a church member is not enough  but you must be planted and rooted.

Christ Centered Church 
Find a church that is Christ centered and talks about Jesus . Today we have a lot of motivational speaking churches that have put Jesus aside because they don't have to offend people . They forget that the name of Jesus in itself offends people. The church must be preaching Jesus. More attention should be on Jesus .

Heaven Focused Church 
The church that will help you to go to heaven .A church where the undiluted word of God is preached to help you make heaven and miss hell. A church that is not built only around miracles ,prophecy and testimony ,but with the focus of heaven.

Purpose Discovery And Pursuit Oriented Church
A church that will help you discover your purpose and pursue it .The church must also help you pursue excellence and make you a better person.

Being just a church member is not enough. You have to move from being just a  of church member and become a rooted member . If you don't come to church will the leadership of the church identify that you are not in church?  Your level of devotion ,commitment and sacrifice is what determines the kind of attention that is paid to you.

Don't  just remain a church member , become a church worker . Every student in a university is part of a particular department . A church worker is a born again Christian who have identified a need in the church and using his talent and gift to meet that need. A church worker is a church member that has been appointed to serve In a role or office to promote the work of God.

Attitudes of An Unforgettable Church Worker
An unforgettable church worker is faithful, dependable and trusted . A person who is faithful all the time whether somebody is watching or not . A church worker that is loyal in times of pleasure and times of pressure. In the time that the church go through accusation that is where the loyalty of the church worker is needed most . That church worker is devoted to God and the things of God


When you become an unforgettable church worker you do the bidding of the church leadership whether it is comfortable or not. They do what they are told to do.

Serve Cheerfully
An unforgettable church worker serve God cheerfully.
Colossians 3:22

Does not look out for appreciation and recognition 
If you look out for appreciation for your service,you may get offended if you don't get that appreciation. An unforgettable church worker does not look out for appreciation and recognition . God sees what you do and bless you accordingly. 
Luke 17:9-10  John 12:43
Don't look out for the praise of men.

5. They interact 
Matthew 24:48-49  An unforgettable church worker finds a way to interact and mingle  with others. You look out for the welfare of other people . People stay in a church because of how the church members interact with them. Church is about interaction

An unforgettable church worker is Sendable. This means the person has a posture to respond to responsibility and duty

Psalm  105: 17

Not men pleaser 
An unforgettable church worker is not a man pleaser . You are not doing what you are doing to please man. You are not doing an eye service.

Believe in and genuinely admires his leader
John 6:69 Never serve in any place where you don't believe in. Admire and believe in the leader. Help other people to believe in your leader. When you admire a person,the level of your admiration will also make other people admire him

Always Honors His Leader Publicly 
Never dishonor your leader publicly. No matter how gifted you are if you don't honor your leader  you may not be able to function in your gift

Humble And Submissive 
An unforgettable church worker must be humble. It is pride that makes you get offended when your leader tells you something  unfavorable.It is not everything your leader says that you will like. Never become a burden as a church worker.

See Your Association As A Priviledge 
Unforgettable church workers see their  association with thier pastor as a privilege. They don't see it as a right. When you see it as a right you would take your pastor for granted.

Always Available
An unforgettable church worker is always available. Find a way to be always available.That is what shows your value as a church worker.

Develop Himself 
Become a reflection of the anointing in the church. So you must constantly develop yourself. The old way of doing things might not fit into the present system. Unlearn somethings and learn new things.Relearn and keep learning. Have appetite for more. Have appetite for money. The love of money is the root of evil ,but the like of money is good. Develop your mind ,your spirit and your body. Your worth in life is a function of how well you have developed your mind. Find a way to read .Don't be too busy to read. When you engage your mind ,you will engage your life

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