John 21; 16 when we train the leaders we capture the future. if you are not committed to little things,then you cannot be trusted with many things. If you are not faithful to that which belong to another man, then you are not ready to handle that which belongs to you.

1.The strength of the leader determine the strength of the organization.
 What the leader is ,is what the organization is. The organization takes the shape of the leader. You must come to a realm to respect the person and the voice of the leader if you understand that the strength of the organization depends on the strength of the leader. Having understood this you need to protect the leader.Vision is not born by followers but by the leader

2.The productivity of the organization is determined by the productivity of the people.
It is when we accumulate and bring our various inputs together,then the organization can be successful. Leaders must be awake when followers are sleeping. 

3.The vision of the organization determines its future 
Every organization has a future only if that organization has a vision . The vision is more important than the leader. The vision is more important than the leader. The leader is the catalyst of the vision. It is the leader who is to clearly define and communicate the vision.
The people must follow the leader and follow the vision .You must love the vision If you are going to follow the leader. If you love being a Christian then you must love Jesus. It is the responsibility of the leader to make the people follow the vision more than they follow   leader. This means whether the leader is around or not the vision goes on.
The people must be addicted to the vision more than to the leader. The goal is more important than the road. Instead of fighting about who is leading us ,we must think about the goal.Our commitment must be to the vision.

4.Your future can easily be predicted by looking at what you are pursuing and who you are following 
What you constantly and consistently do predicts your future.Your strength is in what you pursue.Immediately you pursue something you book an appointment with the future. What do you consistently do. You can't follow God and not look smart.

5. When the people catch your spirit they can catch your vision 
When you catch the spirit of the leader you catch his vision and catch his future. You can't catch the spirit and not do what the leader is doing .Catch the spirit,the principle,process and procedure of the vision.When you catch the spirit you do what we do

6 The greatness of  leadership is in the people 
Whatever you become is determined by the people around you.when you understand who you are,what you have and what you can do you will not live below God 's best. The quality of your mind determine the quality of your future. When God speaks he insults your logical mind.Believe to excel at what you do. Build men of integrity and loyalty and reliability. No leader can build without loyal people.Build with godly men and women.Our success in life has little to do with our skill.
When you develop people you develop the future .Build them. Proximity is necessary for penetration. Everything connected to the human body is controlled by the mind. If your mind is empowered your gift is empowered. The transformation of your life is determined by the transformation of your mind. Romans 12:1. Be  transformed by the renewing of your mind. Nobody feeds his mind and has not fed his future .

Build with gifted hands. When you have gifted men around you ,your dream is brought from the realm of sleeping to the realm of activity. When you remain a question no one comes to you for an answer. When you become an answer people come to you for an answer. Enhance the skill and the gift. Anything at its raw state has less value.when you are surrounded by gifted men they become an answer to your questions. Skills without maturity cannot make you become what you must become. Revelations makes you relevant but maturity makes you a mentor. 
1 Samuel 16:17 when your gift is not exhibited great men cannot see it.
When you are gifted they will look for you. You can explain how to be pregnant,but experiencing it is another thing . When you are genuinely gifted people see it.

We cannot believe what you know until we know your source. Never buy a car called NOKIA.  Never buy a phone called MERCEDES BENZ. We have anointed fools. Anointing does not take away foolishness.
When God is with you too little becomes too much. You are gifted but God must be with you. Become tired of being a burden. Be an answer 

7.The most important leadership responsibility is preparing the next generation 
A man is not successful until his success redefines the success of others .you are not successful when your success ends with you.The greatest impact of leadership success is in succession.By the act of homosexuality the next generation is killed . It is the responsibility of great leaders to prepare the next generation. It is only then that you can have confidence in their product.

8. The strength of a nation is determined by the Strength of its people 
The strength of a people is determined by the quality of their mind

9.The quality of your future is determined by the quality of your decision .

10.Anyone who cannot handle your past and your present is disqualified to handle your future

Before you fall in love with a man or woman fall in with his or her mind.

Get wisdom . Wisdom is the main thing. When wisdom enters your life exploits and excellence become your birthright .

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