1. The strength of a nation is determined by the strength of its people & the strength of the people is determined by the quality of their mind

2. Your thought pattern determines your life's pattern. When your mind is renewed your life is transformed.

3. The easiest way to transform the lives of people is to transform their minds, feed their spirit & their future

4. Great people invest in the future. Invest in your mind, invest in gifted people and invest in eternity.

5. When you go to bed with wisdom, you give birth to undeniable proofs.

6. When the pursuit of wisdom becomes your obsessions, uncommon results becomes your birthright.

7. Whatever you have not been given is hidden in someone close to you. Recognize the talents and gifts of others and enjoy a fruitful destiny

8. One of the greatest gifts ever given to man with a vision is gifted people. An introduction of gifted people takes you into another realm.

9. Always be cautious of someone who wants from you what he himself is unwilling to give.

10. When the people catch your spirit, they can catch your vision. When they buy into your vision, they buy into the future.

11. The medical doctor must not be worried that all the people with legal issues are pursuing the wisdom of a lawyer. Identify your calling, stick to it and make full proof.

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