Ministry is the establishment of the kingdom rulership on the earth from the heavenly realm; it is the divine mandate of governing the earth from heaven through humanity. It is also a divine assignment to bring the concept, ideals of the king and His kingdom to humanity. It is an opportunity to colonize the earth with the ideals and principles of the King- Jesus Christ. When knowing the King(Jesus Christ) and His kingdom becomes our priority and obsession, impact becomes a reality.True ministry is having rulership over the earth through the understanding, knowing and operating with the person of the king and his principles.When i started off in ministry many did not give me a chance. I remember many instances where established ministers questioned my calling and root. I was raised and fathered in ministry by Rev Ebo Assan of Prevailing Word Chapel, Takoradi. One of the many important lessons my spiritual father taught me was that, you can do so much with so little. With this mindset started the church arm of my ministry on the 24th february 2008 in Accra, Ghana. Here are some of the things that nearly destroyed my ministry. 

1.ACCUSATION: The first thing that nearly stopped my ministry was accusation and criticisms.Accusation is a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong. I was surprised when i was first accused because the accusation was the exact opposite of who i am. I had the mindset that all the people who come around had my interest at heart.Through some of these accusations i lost friends, committed people and nearly lost my ministry. Accusations are weapons used by the enemy to stop you from pursing your God given purpose. No matter who you are in the ministry, you will definitely go through accusations but how you handle it is important. I made a decision that the accusations and criticisms that come against me and my ministry will never make me become bitter.With every accusation, i get more deeper in my relationship with God and my calling. The more you criticise, the more i prophesy.

One of the greatest opportunities given to humanity is to partner with divinity to govern, rule and administrate the earth through the work of the ministry. Ministry therefore is all about the revelation of Jesus Christ to humanity. I had the opportunity to give my time, energy, resources, gifts, abilities and talents to the work of the ministry when i decided to work as a full time pastor in the house of God in the year 2006. When i started out as a full time pastor, many things nearly destroyed the work i was called to do. Some of these were internal whilst others were external. 

2. THE OPINION OF PEOPLE: An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge; it is a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.It is my belief that to be successful in any venture, you will need Godly advice but not every good advice is a 'GOD Advice'. Not every opened door is a God door. The opinion of people nearly ruined the ministry the Lord committed into my hands.Ministry is not run by people's opinion but by God's commandment.I started Spiritlife Revival Ministries without a single microphone, speakers, drums and other instruments. We had services for more than two years without using instruments. I remember some men of God advising me to invest in instruments if i wanted to have a successful ministry.That advice was good but it was not the best at that time.When God sent me to Accra, He charged me to raise Him a people of impact not instruments.One of my greatest desire and responsibility as a prophet of God is how I can transfer my deposit of wisdom, experience, insight, skills, mistakes and lessons to the next generation. My focus in ministry is to invest in people more than in programmes and project. This led me to start BERNARD NELSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND; an organization that sponsors and gives scholarship to University students. As at 2012 we saw more than 200 students graduating from University.When you invest in the people, they will invest in you, your vision and your projects will take shape.
Be blessed and defy human opinion that is not God's opinion for your life and ministry.Start where you are with what you have

 When i responded to the call into full-time ministry some few years ago, i was blessed with gifted men and women who used their worth of experience, insight to influence my life and ministry.There are mistakes i have avoided in ministry because of the lessons i learnt from these people through their books, DVDs and personal interactions. Besides all these opportunities, there are things I never knew and some of these things nearly destroyed my ministry.

3. THE ABUSE & MISUSE OF TIME: The difference between your present and your future is the introduction of a person; the difference between where you are and where you are supposed to be is the release of a word. A word from a judge can decide your future. The difference between the destiny of two people is the investment of time.One of the most precious things in life is the investment of time. It influences every single moment and everything we do. When i started ministry i was very careful how to use the time i was given but it was not long and i started abusing and misusing time. I remember how we could advertise a meeting and the closing time and will never go by our word. I had other guest ministers who come in to help my ministry and they also helped me to abuse and misuse time. The effects of this was that i started losing people.The people who comes for our meeting love the prayer, praise, worship,the word and the prophetic ministration but our abuse of time was one of our weakness as a ministry.
I corrected this by making sure that we close our meetings at the time advertised and by setting priorities in life and ministry. Anyone who cannot respect your time, does not respect your person and ministry. The quality of your life and ministry is determined by how and where you invest your time. You become whatever you invest your time in.Your time is important because you can use your time to exchange for anything else you want in life. If you want a university degree just exchange four years of your time and you would get it. 

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The year 2015 is a year God will use to showcase His glory, power and wisdom in the lives of kingdom addicted believers and for you to benefit, you must discern and identify the people God will send your way, Understand that the difference between seasons is the introduction of a person.When Pharaoh was introduced into the life of Joseph, he became a Prime Minister. When Elisha got connected to the grace of Elijah, he became a prophet. When Saul met prophet Samuel, Saul became a King. What you receive out of life is as a result of the people you encounter.

One Group of people God will use to bring you into alignment with divine purposes are men of God. Men of God are sent in every generation with specific mandate and when you respond positively to what they carry, you embrace the mantle on their lives to receive your title in life. When the woman of Zarephat responded positively to the ministry of Elijah, she had abundance in a time of famine. They are gifts from God to humanity and when you embrace them you receive divine lift in life.

The mysteries of your man of God is understanding the men of God sent to bring you to the place of fulfillment. Not every man of God is your man of God. There were many widows in Israel in Elijah's time,when the heavens were closed for three and half years, a severe famine devastated the land; yet Elijah was not sent to any of them. He was sent instead to a foreigner--a widow of Zarephath in the land of Sidon. What you need to do is to discern, recognize and embrace the grace and the calling of the specific men of God sent your way. When you encounter them, never allow your experiences with other men of God affect your experience with your man of God

Your man of God is a picture of your future; he is God's picture for you to capture in the light of the scriptures so that you can feature in your future. He is the voice of God in your life to deliver to you the invoice of life to quench the noise and make you a distinct voice. An encounter with your man of God releases the mind of God so that you can matter in the game of life.He is specifically sent by God into your life to bring colour and decorations into your life. Many people do not recognize the man of God sent into their life to bring change and glory.
Every man's destiny is connected to other men. Whatever God has not given you is placed in someone close to you. Never allow pride to blind you from accessing the blessings placed in your man of God. Naaman nearly lost his healing because of pride. How you handle your man of God, determines what you will handle in life.
Your man of God can be used by God to help you become that which he has never become; he can help you receive that which he has never received.

1. FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF YOUR MAN OF GOD: The easiest way to be blessed by your man of God is to follow his teachings. The WORDS of your man of God has the power to turn your WORLD around. Take notes when you have opportunity to be with him/her. Buy his books and CDs. Listen to me, follow your man of God as long as he follows Christ.

2.DEFEND THE INTEREST OF YOUR MAN OF GOD: Leadership is not always right. Your man of God is a human being and not God. He will make mistakes and his judgement will not always be right. You have been positioned in his life not to feed his weakness but to use your strength to help him. Help him overcome his weakness. Buy him/her books and materials that can help him/her become a better leader. Defend the interest of your man of God. When Elisha realized that his destiny was tied to Elijah, he defended him when the company of prophets came.

There are many men of God that God has used to be of great blessing to my life and ministry but there are few that God sent my way as my men of God. In the year 2000 I encountered my spiritual father Rev Ebo K Assan who trained me and released me into my ministry. Almost everything I know in ministry is connected to my spiritual father. I remember when I started the church arm of my ministry, for more than 3 years I was teaching from the messages of my spiritual father and till that I still teach his messages. Your man of God will cause your passion for the things of God to increase and birth a strong desire to fulfill your ministry.

3. HONOR YOUR MAN OF GOD: Your man of God is a gift from God to you and your generation and the value you place on him determines what you receive out of the relationship. Honor his person and what he stands for. Esteem him highly. Never take for granted an opportunity to be in his presence.See your association with him as a great privilege but understand that every privilege goes with responsibility. Sow seeds into his life and ministry. Treasure your relationship.

4. DESIRE THE GRACE ON YOUR MAN OF GOD: The grace of God on a man of God is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit which enables him to do the work of the ministry. An encounter with your man of God is a divine opportunity to receive the grace of God on his life. The grace you respect determines the grace you receive. If Elisha follows Elijah, he receives the grace on Elijah and not the grace on Moses. Never enter into a relationship with your man of God if you disdain, disrespect the grace on his life.

5. VALUE THE VOICE AND INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR MAN OF GOD: If the words of a lecturer in a medical school can make a medical doctor out of a student, the words of a judge can determine whether you are guilty or not, then imagine what the words of a man connected to God and graced with God's ability can do in your life? Place value and demand on the instructions of your man of God. The answer to the problems of the widow of the prophet in 2 Kings 4 was in her adherence to the words of her man of God. Remember that your sense of value determines the flow of virtue.

When you meet a man of God, there are three things you must do. You must contact,connect and collect the grace on his life. Many people are able to contact but are not able to connect. Others are able to contact and connect but are not able to collect the grace on the man of God. Your ultimate aim must be to collect the grace after you have contacted and connected. Elisha contacted, connected and collected the grace on Elijah to correct the problems of his generation. The grace on your man of God is a divine enabling power that releases speed.

6. WORK ON YOURSELF: The quality of a nation is determined by the quality of the people.The exploits of an organisation is the sum total of developed gifts and enhanced talents of the people in the organisation. The success of your man of God is determined by what the grace on his life has done for the people connected to him. True success in leadership is not measured by the success of the leader, rather it is measured by whether the success of the leader has been able to turn the failures and mistakes of followers into a success story. True greatness turns followers into great leaders. When you encounter your man of God, do everything in your power to work on yourself so that you do not become a burden.Your success rate will determine the success rate of your man of God.

7. BECOME AN EXTENSION OF HIS MINISTRY: Your man of God can only be in one place at a time so when you encounter him, become an extension of his ministry. Many years ago, i read a book titled 'THE EXPLOITS OF FAITH' written by my mentor Bishop David Oyedepo. This book turned my life around and what i decided to do was to buy copies of these books and other books to sell them at University Of Ghana Campus without profits. I use my little platform to talk about the men and women of God used to bless my life and ministry. I make sure that the people around me honour men of God especially those who have been of great blessing to me.

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