Your thinking capacity determines your working ability.Productivity is a function of your mental ability.If you can't think it then you can't have it

Have a positive attitude.Attitudes determine your action.What separates good players from great players is mental attitudes.

You can't change the past but you can learn from the past.Learn from your mistakes and that of others.Every mistake is a teacher. Every success is a teacher

Passion converts obstacles to miracles.Passion makes you persevere in the midst of obstacles.

You can always do what everybody is doing in an extraordinary way.Extraordinary things are done by ordinary people.

If you are going to win you must learn to run according to rules and principles.What sells in the market is the name of the product.When the product losses it integrity it losses it market share.I want to be a man of integrity.Be a person who is right.

Your purpose determines your pursuit.Your pursuit determines your focus.To fulfill your your purpose you must have goals.What are your goals for this month?

Trust God for the present and for the future.God will give you a goal that makes you good so you can be bold and go for the gold.A man without God without a goal and is not looking good will always look like a goat.

Life is a connection of vital relationship.When the team works, the dream works.You are a result of somebody's help. 

Make a date with SPIRITLIFE REVIVAL MINISTRIES this Sunday at THE NATIONAL THEATRE. 8:30 in the morning
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.
(General Overseer,Spiritlife Revival Ministries-The Prophetic City).
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John 21; 16 when we train the leaders we capture the future. if you are not committed to little things,then you cannot be trusted with many things. If you are not faithful to that which belong to another man, then you are not ready to handle that which belongs to you.

1.The strength of the leader determine the strength of the organization.
 What the leader is ,is what the organization is. The organization takes the shape of the leader. You must come to a realm to respect the person and the voice of the leader if you understand that the strength of the organization depends on the strength of the leader. Having understood this you need to protect the leader.Vision is not born by followers but by the leader

2.The productivity of the organization is determined by the productivity of the people.
It is when we accumulate and bring our various inputs together,then the organization can be successful. Leaders must be awake when followers are sleeping. 

3.The vision of the organization determines its future 
Every organization has a future only if that organization has a vision . The vision is more important than the leader. The vision is more important than the leader. The leader is the catalyst of the vision. It is the leader who is to clearly define and communicate the vision.
The people must follow the leader and follow the vision .You must love the vision If you are going to follow the leader. If you love being a Christian then you must love Jesus. It is the responsibility of the leader to make the people follow the vision more than they follow   leader. This means whether the leader is around or not the vision goes on.
The people must be addicted to the vision more than to the leader. The goal is more important than the road. Instead of fighting about who is leading us ,we must think about the goal.Our commitment must be to the vision.

4.Your future can easily be predicted by looking at what you are pursuing and who you are following 
What you constantly and consistently do predicts your future.Your strength is in what you pursue.Immediately you pursue something you book an appointment with the future. What do you consistently do. You can't follow God and not look smart.

5. When the people catch your spirit they can catch your vision 
When you catch the spirit of the leader you catch his vision and catch his future. You can't catch the spirit and not do what the leader is doing .Catch the spirit,the principle,process and procedure of the vision.When you catch the spirit you do what we do

6 The greatness of  leadership is in the people 
Whatever you become is determined by the people around you.when you understand who you are,what you have and what you can do you will not live below God 's best. The quality of your mind determine the quality of your future. When God speaks he insults your logical mind.Believe to excel at what you do. Build men of integrity and loyalty and reliability. No leader can build without loyal people.Build with godly men and women.Our success in life has little to do with our skill.
When you develop people you develop the future .Build them. Proximity is necessary for penetration. Everything connected to the human body is controlled by the mind. If your mind is empowered your gift is empowered. The transformation of your life is determined by the transformation of your mind. Romans 12:1. Be  transformed by the renewing of your mind. Nobody feeds his mind and has not fed his future .

Build with gifted hands. When you have gifted men around you ,your dream is brought from the realm of sleeping to the realm of activity. When you remain a question no one comes to you for an answer. When you become an answer people come to you for an answer. Enhance the skill and the gift. Anything at its raw state has less value.when you are surrounded by gifted men they become an answer to your questions. Skills without maturity cannot make you become what you must become. Revelations makes you relevant but maturity makes you a mentor. 
1 Samuel 16:17 when your gift is not exhibited great men cannot see it.
When you are gifted they will look for you. You can explain how to be pregnant,but experiencing it is another thing . When you are genuinely gifted people see it.

We cannot believe what you know until we know your source. Never buy a car called NOKIA.  Never buy a phone called MERCEDES BENZ. We have anointed fools. Anointing does not take away foolishness.
When God is with you too little becomes too much. You are gifted but God must be with you. Become tired of being a burden. Be an answer 

7.The most important leadership responsibility is preparing the next generation 
A man is not successful until his success redefines the success of others .you are not successful when your success ends with you.The greatest impact of leadership success is in succession.By the act of homosexuality the next generation is killed . It is the responsibility of great leaders to prepare the next generation. It is only then that you can have confidence in their product.

8. The strength of a nation is determined by the Strength of its people 
The strength of a people is determined by the quality of their mind

9.The quality of your future is determined by the quality of your decision .

10.Anyone who cannot handle your past and your present is disqualified to handle your future

Before you fall in love with a man or woman fall in with his or her mind.

Get wisdom . Wisdom is the main thing. When wisdom enters your life exploits and excellence become your birthright .

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1. The strength of a nation is determined by the strength of its people & the strength of the people is determined by the quality of their mind

2. Your thought pattern determines your life's pattern. When your mind is renewed your life is transformed.

3. The easiest way to transform the lives of people is to transform their minds, feed their spirit & their future

4. Great people invest in the future. Invest in your mind, invest in gifted people and invest in eternity.

5. When you go to bed with wisdom, you give birth to undeniable proofs.

6. When the pursuit of wisdom becomes your obsessions, uncommon results becomes your birthright.

7. Whatever you have not been given is hidden in someone close to you. Recognize the talents and gifts of others and enjoy a fruitful destiny

8. One of the greatest gifts ever given to man with a vision is gifted people. An introduction of gifted people takes you into another realm.

9. Always be cautious of someone who wants from you what he himself is unwilling to give.

10. When the people catch your spirit, they can catch your vision. When they buy into your vision, they buy into the future.

11. The medical doctor must not be worried that all the people with legal issues are pursuing the wisdom of a lawyer. Identify your calling, stick to it and make full proof.
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I became born again in the year 1999 and less than three month I started seeing into the realm of the spirit. My prophetic ministry took a different dimension when i was just 3 months old as a christian.

My desire to know more about God got me rooted in my spiritual father's church. I became a member of House of Grace Chapel now Prevailing Word chapel.I was raised and birthed into ministry by my father Rev Ebo K Assan. My desire has always been to teach the word like my father.

In May 2006, the Lord called me into full time prophetic ministry and set me in the office of the prophet and in September 2007 I was ordained into full time prophetic ministry by my father Rev. Ebo K Assan.

I started my first ministry LIVING PROOFS FAMILY FELLOWSHIP in Takoradi in July 2002 but the church arm of my ministry SPIRITLIFE REVIVAL MINISTRIES was started in 24 February 2008 at SunnyFM prayercafe, Accra-Ghana.

5.MY SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME HAD SEEN MORE THAN 200 STUDENTS GRADUATING FROM UNIVERSITY. In the month of May 2006, i started BERNARD NELSON MINISTRIES- an organization committed to raising the foundation of ministers and ministries through outreach programmes and Conferences. In the same year, i started my scholarship scheme(BERNARD NELSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND) which has seen more than 200 students graduating from University.

Over a period of 16 years as a preacher and 9 years in full time prophetic ministry, i have made mistakes that could have ended my life and ministry. I have learnt lessons through some of these mistakes in life and ministry. I am becoming a better person as the days progress.

I had seen betrayals by friends, associates, and even people i thought were fathers but i always make sure i don't become bitter. I have handled betrayals, accusations, and criticism by examining myself and changing were it is necessary, keeping silence and making full proof of my ministry.

One of things I have discovered about myself and ministry over the years is my love for God and humanity.I have a big heart for God and for people and that has helped me in life and ministry.

3 years after starting Spiritlife Revival Ministries, my consistent members were not up to 4 members and my average church attendance was 7. My heart for God and and my assignment and understanding of time and season kept me committed during those period.
I'm Bernard Elbernard and your season of glory is on the way. Get ready for uncommon elevation.
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In the year 2006, I left Takoradi with Ghc 10 to start a journey into full time prophetic ministry.After two years of waiting on God and preparation, the church arm of the ministry was started on the 24th February 2008 at SunnyFM Prayer Cafe. For the first 3 years of the ministry my total membership was not up to 4 and our total Sunday attendance was 7 members. We operated as a church for 3 years without using any kind of instrument for our services because we did not have enough money to buy one.
Apart from the Help of the Holy Spirit, one of the greatest blessing God has given me is the people released into my life and my ministry. I am going to share with you 7 uncommon church members who have multiplied the rate of my success in life and ministry.

This is the type of church member who is genuinely born again and desires to make it to heaven. This church member promotes Jesus Christ through personal witnessing and winning the lost to the Lord. He/ she is consistent at church and will never miss church service for any reason. This type of church member genuinely loves the Lord and has developed a personal relationship with the Lord. His love for God is demonstrated by his love for the WORD OF GOD, the kingdom and for people.

This type of church member grows from just being a member to a church worker and eventually a pastor. He is the type of pastor who loves the Lord and genuinely want the HEAD PASTOR succeed in his assignment. His mission and assignment is to help you succeed in that which God has sent you to pursue. He will never compete with you but uses his gifts, talents and anointing to compliment you. His interest is for you to have the peace of mind to be a blessing to the people of God.

This type of church member believes in the hand of God upon your life and ministry and genuinely want you to succeed. He/she uses his/her ability to be supportive and motivate others to be more committed to the Lord, you and the ministry.He/she shows support in the form of encouragement and helps you to be in the right track. He uses whatever platform to promote the ministry. He uses social media platforms to promote whatever the Lord is doing with you and through you.
You will always need the right people to make full proof of your ministry. To the many who have been used to be a blessing to me and my ministry, I say 'be blessed and be lifted. I pray for you that you will encounter the right people who will cause you to multiply in whatever assignment you are sent t undertake.
I'm Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.
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Every person's greatness is hidden in his ability to turn problems into solutions. When you stand in the school of answers, men will pursue you with their questions. When I was operating in the restaurant of question no one pursued my wisdom.Our world is thirsty for men and women who have the answers to the questions of life. One of the easiest way to command the attention of men is to have the ability to solve their problems. There are 6 dimensions to solving problem i want to share with you today.

The first dimension is solving the right problems at the wrong time. Our success in life is connected to discerning the times and the season.Every problem solved has a reward. If you solve the right problem at the wrong time, you will not be rewarded. On the other hand if you solve the right problem at the wrong place you won't be rewarded.

The second dimension of solving problems is solving the right problem for the wrong people. When you solve the right problem for the wrong people, they will not even appreciate what you have and what you have done for them. They will look down with contempt of the solution you have given them.

The third dimension of solving problems is solving the right problem at the right time, the right place and for the right people. When you solve problems at the right time, at the right place and for the right people there is always a reward but not all rewards will be immediate.Don't always look for immediate rewards because you can easily lose the ultimate as you fix your eyes on the immediate.

The fourth dimension of problem solving is solving yesterday's problem today. In this dimension, you solve the problems you should have solved in the past. This is a waste of time, energy and resources but at times, it is important you solve yesterday's problem so that you can focus on the future.An example of solving yesterday's problem is an 82 year old man starting primary school. There is nothing wrong with that if he wants to correct the mistakes of the past,but you must always take full advantage of your season. You will understand as you move to the next point.

The fifth dimension of solving problems is solving today' s problems in the now. When you solve today's problem, it helps the next generation to focus their strength,energy, talents and resources to solve your problems and solve the problems of generations not yet born.When you do what you must do now, you will not need to solve yesterdays problem. If you must go to school and read your masters degree now and you don't go, you might need to go back and do it someday and that brings us to solving yesterdays problems today. My main focus is on the sixth dimension of solving problems.

The sixth dimension of solving problems is the most important of all problem solving. Great leaders always solve problems from this dimension. Our world will be a better place if we can solve problems from this dimension. This dimension interprets the issues of yesterday in the light of current situations so that we can predict the problems of the future and solve them. This makes us go beyond yesterday and today to think more about the future, but we can't solve tomorrow's problem if we are ignorant of yesterday and today's challenges. When Joseph was brought to the Pharoah Of Egypt, he took advantage of the current situations in the light of the past and predicted what must be done in the future.Read the story of Joseph in Genesis 41. Pharoah was so surprised that he said to his leaders 'Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is'? We need generational thinkers,generational planners, generational initiators and generational performers. All the dimensions of problem solving are good but the sixth dimension is the best. This is my opinion.

I pray for you today that may God cause you to operate from the sixth dimension of solving problems. Can you give me an amen?
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.
(General Overseer, Spiritlife Revival Ministries)
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The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the door to the prophetic. When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, your tongue is divinely empowered to prophesy. Receive grace to prophesy.
And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

 The essence of the prophetic is the revelation of Jesus. When the prophetic is demonstrated, Jesus becomes the main focus. The prophetic births a desire in people to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Receive grace to prophesy.
And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 19:10

 The true prophetic births a genuine hunger in the people to hear God for themselves.The prophet and his ministry is to bring the people of God into greater intimacy with God and equip them with eyes to see and ear to hear in the spirit realm.There is a realm of the prophetic that God has hidden for his children, not from them and the prophetic births them into this glorious realm, Receive grace to prophesy.
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: John 10:27

 The authenticity of a prophetic word is not determined by how accurate or detailed it is but by the source. There are three sources to every prophetic word: the source of the flesh,the demonic source and the source of God. In Acts 16 a young girl prophesied to Paul and Silas and everything she said was accurate but the source was not from God. She was using the spirit of divination so Paul commended the evil spirit to come out. God is the source of the prophetic and therefore every genuine prophetic word has it root in GOD.
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
James 1:17

 Prophets don't know everything; they only know what God reveals. The revelatory knowledge of prophets is limited to what divinity makes available to them. The Lord intentionally hides some things from prophets so that they will know they are human. In 2 Kings 4:27 the Shunammite woman run to Elisha after the death of her son and all that the prophet of God knew was that she was in bitter distress. Elisha, the prophet confessed " the Lord had hidden it from me and had not told me". When a prophet behaves as if he knows everything he is lying. We know in part and we prophesy in part.
For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
1 Corinthians 13:9

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You must not live your life according to reported speech. Thomas needed to see for himself before he could believe that the Lord has truly risen. He was not ready to believe the testimony and report of others, he wanted to have a firsthand experience of that which others have experience. You need to become like Thomas to experience what others are experiencing for yourself.

John 20:24-29
Seeing and Believing
24 Now Thomas, called the Twin, one of the twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. 25 The other disciples therefore said to him, “We have seen the Lord.”
So he said to them, “Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.”
26 And after eight days His disciples were again inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, “Peace to you!” 27 Then He said to Thomas, “Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing.”
28 And Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”
29 Jesus said to him, “Thomas,[c] because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

There comes a level where you don’t just take what other people tell you, but you move beyond reported speech to having the experience for yourself. You say what you say because of what you have experienced. You believe what you believe because of what you have seen. Everybody’s eyes determine what he or she has seen.
There is no way you can say God is good when you have not really experienced the goodness of God. You need to experience the goodness of God for yourself. Don’t just be told. You need to become a Thomas by saying “ Oh God I am not okay with theory,I need to experience the practical. You must be tired of hearing other people share their testimonies. You too you need to have a testimony to share too.

Until you get to that dimension where you act like Thomas, you will remain a believer without a testimony. If God can create the world in 6 days, then turning your life around in 2 weeks should not be a too hard for Him to do for you. If silver and gold belongs to God, then turning your financial situation around should not be a huge task for God. If Jesus is the healer, then dealing with your sickness should not be impossible for Him.
Become a Thomas and ask God to give you your own testimony and proofs. If not for anything at all ,just because of what people will say that “where is your God” May God give you a personal testimony.
When you become like Thomas you place a DEMAND on God to prove Himself to you. When you place a demand on God ,He will leave others and attend to you.  Jesus Christ after He was risen came back a second time to the disciples to show Himself to Thomas. Thomas wanted to feel the holes in Jesus hands before he can testify that indeed Christ has risen .  So you also need to experience the goodness of God so that you can be in the position to testify that indeed God is good.

The decision of Thomas to see Jesus by himself(not to be told) ,pulled Jesus from divinity to humanity. The Lord will make a U-turn because of your demand. God will make a U-turn not because of everybody but because of you.

Thomas had the privilege to touch the Lord for himself. You need to touch your glory and your testimony by yourself. Your hands need to handle whatever breakthrough you desire before the year come to an end. Divinity will stop everything just to visit you and attend to you. God must turn around for your sake.
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Ministry is the establishment of the kingdom rulership on the earth from the heavenly realm; it is the divine mandate of governing the earth from heaven through humanity. It is also a divine assignment to bring the concept, ideals of the king and His kingdom to humanity. It is an opportunity to colonize the earth with the ideals and principles of the King- Jesus Christ. When knowing the King(Jesus Christ) and His kingdom becomes our priority and obsession, impact becomes a reality.True ministry is having rulership over the earth through the understanding, knowing and operating with the person of the king and his principles.When i started off in ministry many did not give me a chance. I remember many instances where established ministers questioned my calling and root. I was raised and fathered in ministry by Rev Ebo Assan of Prevailing Word Chapel, Takoradi. One of the many important lessons my spiritual father taught me was that, you can do so much with so little. With this mindset started the church arm of my ministry on the 24th february 2008 in Accra, Ghana. Here are some of the things that nearly destroyed my ministry. 

1.ACCUSATION: The first thing that nearly stopped my ministry was accusation and criticisms.Accusation is a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong. I was surprised when i was first accused because the accusation was the exact opposite of who i am. I had the mindset that all the people who come around had my interest at heart.Through some of these accusations i lost friends, committed people and nearly lost my ministry. Accusations are weapons used by the enemy to stop you from pursing your God given purpose. No matter who you are in the ministry, you will definitely go through accusations but how you handle it is important. I made a decision that the accusations and criticisms that come against me and my ministry will never make me become bitter.With every accusation, i get more deeper in my relationship with God and my calling. The more you criticise, the more i prophesy.

One of the greatest opportunities given to humanity is to partner with divinity to govern, rule and administrate the earth through the work of the ministry. Ministry therefore is all about the revelation of Jesus Christ to humanity. I had the opportunity to give my time, energy, resources, gifts, abilities and talents to the work of the ministry when i decided to work as a full time pastor in the house of God in the year 2006. When i started out as a full time pastor, many things nearly destroyed the work i was called to do. Some of these were internal whilst others were external. 

2. THE OPINION OF PEOPLE: An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge; it is a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.It is my belief that to be successful in any venture, you will need Godly advice but not every good advice is a 'GOD Advice'. Not every opened door is a God door. The opinion of people nearly ruined the ministry the Lord committed into my hands.Ministry is not run by people's opinion but by God's commandment.I started Spiritlife Revival Ministries without a single microphone, speakers, drums and other instruments. We had services for more than two years without using instruments. I remember some men of God advising me to invest in instruments if i wanted to have a successful ministry.That advice was good but it was not the best at that time.When God sent me to Accra, He charged me to raise Him a people of impact not instruments.One of my greatest desire and responsibility as a prophet of God is how I can transfer my deposit of wisdom, experience, insight, skills, mistakes and lessons to the next generation. My focus in ministry is to invest in people more than in programmes and project. This led me to start BERNARD NELSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND; an organization that sponsors and gives scholarship to University students. As at 2012 we saw more than 200 students graduating from University.When you invest in the people, they will invest in you, your vision and your projects will take shape.
Be blessed and defy human opinion that is not God's opinion for your life and ministry.Start where you are with what you have

 When i responded to the call into full-time ministry some few years ago, i was blessed with gifted men and women who used their worth of experience, insight to influence my life and ministry.There are mistakes i have avoided in ministry because of the lessons i learnt from these people through their books, DVDs and personal interactions. Besides all these opportunities, there are things I never knew and some of these things nearly destroyed my ministry.

3. THE ABUSE & MISUSE OF TIME: The difference between your present and your future is the introduction of a person; the difference between where you are and where you are supposed to be is the release of a word. A word from a judge can decide your future. The difference between the destiny of two people is the investment of time.One of the most precious things in life is the investment of time. It influences every single moment and everything we do. When i started ministry i was very careful how to use the time i was given but it was not long and i started abusing and misusing time. I remember how we could advertise a meeting and the closing time and will never go by our word. I had other guest ministers who come in to help my ministry and they also helped me to abuse and misuse time. The effects of this was that i started losing people.The people who comes for our meeting love the prayer, praise, worship,the word and the prophetic ministration but our abuse of time was one of our weakness as a ministry.
I corrected this by making sure that we close our meetings at the time advertised and by setting priorities in life and ministry. Anyone who cannot respect your time, does not respect your person and ministry. The quality of your life and ministry is determined by how and where you invest your time. You become whatever you invest your time in.Your time is important because you can use your time to exchange for anything else you want in life. If you want a university degree just exchange four years of your time and you would get it. 

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The year 2015 is a year God will use to showcase His glory, power and wisdom in the lives of kingdom addicted believers and for you to benefit, you must discern and identify the people God will send your way, Understand that the difference between seasons is the introduction of a person.When Pharaoh was introduced into the life of Joseph, he became a Prime Minister. When Elisha got connected to the grace of Elijah, he became a prophet. When Saul met prophet Samuel, Saul became a King. What you receive out of life is as a result of the people you encounter.

One Group of people God will use to bring you into alignment with divine purposes are men of God. Men of God are sent in every generation with specific mandate and when you respond positively to what they carry, you embrace the mantle on their lives to receive your title in life. When the woman of Zarephat responded positively to the ministry of Elijah, she had abundance in a time of famine. They are gifts from God to humanity and when you embrace them you receive divine lift in life.

The mysteries of your man of God is understanding the men of God sent to bring you to the place of fulfillment. Not every man of God is your man of God. There were many widows in Israel in Elijah's time,when the heavens were closed for three and half years, a severe famine devastated the land; yet Elijah was not sent to any of them. He was sent instead to a foreigner--a widow of Zarephath in the land of Sidon. What you need to do is to discern, recognize and embrace the grace and the calling of the specific men of God sent your way. When you encounter them, never allow your experiences with other men of God affect your experience with your man of God

Your man of God is a picture of your future; he is God's picture for you to capture in the light of the scriptures so that you can feature in your future. He is the voice of God in your life to deliver to you the invoice of life to quench the noise and make you a distinct voice. An encounter with your man of God releases the mind of God so that you can matter in the game of life.He is specifically sent by God into your life to bring colour and decorations into your life. Many people do not recognize the man of God sent into their life to bring change and glory.
Every man's destiny is connected to other men. Whatever God has not given you is placed in someone close to you. Never allow pride to blind you from accessing the blessings placed in your man of God. Naaman nearly lost his healing because of pride. How you handle your man of God, determines what you will handle in life.
Your man of God can be used by God to help you become that which he has never become; he can help you receive that which he has never received.

1. FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF YOUR MAN OF GOD: The easiest way to be blessed by your man of God is to follow his teachings. The WORDS of your man of God has the power to turn your WORLD around. Take notes when you have opportunity to be with him/her. Buy his books and CDs. Listen to me, follow your man of God as long as he follows Christ.

2.DEFEND THE INTEREST OF YOUR MAN OF GOD: Leadership is not always right. Your man of God is a human being and not God. He will make mistakes and his judgement will not always be right. You have been positioned in his life not to feed his weakness but to use your strength to help him. Help him overcome his weakness. Buy him/her books and materials that can help him/her become a better leader. Defend the interest of your man of God. When Elisha realized that his destiny was tied to Elijah, he defended him when the company of prophets came.

There are many men of God that God has used to be of great blessing to my life and ministry but there are few that God sent my way as my men of God. In the year 2000 I encountered my spiritual father Rev Ebo K Assan who trained me and released me into my ministry. Almost everything I know in ministry is connected to my spiritual father. I remember when I started the church arm of my ministry, for more than 3 years I was teaching from the messages of my spiritual father and till that I still teach his messages. Your man of God will cause your passion for the things of God to increase and birth a strong desire to fulfill your ministry.

3. HONOR YOUR MAN OF GOD: Your man of God is a gift from God to you and your generation and the value you place on him determines what you receive out of the relationship. Honor his person and what he stands for. Esteem him highly. Never take for granted an opportunity to be in his presence.See your association with him as a great privilege but understand that every privilege goes with responsibility. Sow seeds into his life and ministry. Treasure your relationship.

4. DESIRE THE GRACE ON YOUR MAN OF GOD: The grace of God on a man of God is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit which enables him to do the work of the ministry. An encounter with your man of God is a divine opportunity to receive the grace of God on his life. The grace you respect determines the grace you receive. If Elisha follows Elijah, he receives the grace on Elijah and not the grace on Moses. Never enter into a relationship with your man of God if you disdain, disrespect the grace on his life.

5. VALUE THE VOICE AND INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR MAN OF GOD: If the words of a lecturer in a medical school can make a medical doctor out of a student, the words of a judge can determine whether you are guilty or not, then imagine what the words of a man connected to God and graced with God's ability can do in your life? Place value and demand on the instructions of your man of God. The answer to the problems of the widow of the prophet in 2 Kings 4 was in her adherence to the words of her man of God. Remember that your sense of value determines the flow of virtue.

When you meet a man of God, there are three things you must do. You must contact,connect and collect the grace on his life. Many people are able to contact but are not able to connect. Others are able to contact and connect but are not able to collect the grace on the man of God. Your ultimate aim must be to collect the grace after you have contacted and connected. Elisha contacted, connected and collected the grace on Elijah to correct the problems of his generation. The grace on your man of God is a divine enabling power that releases speed.

6. WORK ON YOURSELF: The quality of a nation is determined by the quality of the people.The exploits of an organisation is the sum total of developed gifts and enhanced talents of the people in the organisation. The success of your man of God is determined by what the grace on his life has done for the people connected to him. True success in leadership is not measured by the success of the leader, rather it is measured by whether the success of the leader has been able to turn the failures and mistakes of followers into a success story. True greatness turns followers into great leaders. When you encounter your man of God, do everything in your power to work on yourself so that you do not become a burden.Your success rate will determine the success rate of your man of God.

7. BECOME AN EXTENSION OF HIS MINISTRY: Your man of God can only be in one place at a time so when you encounter him, become an extension of his ministry. Many years ago, i read a book titled 'THE EXPLOITS OF FAITH' written by my mentor Bishop David Oyedepo. This book turned my life around and what i decided to do was to buy copies of these books and other books to sell them at University Of Ghana Campus without profits. I use my little platform to talk about the men and women of God used to bless my life and ministry. I make sure that the people around me honour men of God especially those who have been of great blessing to me.

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