STICKING TO GOD AND YOUR CALLING: Your ultimate aim in ministry must be to please the one who has called you. Keeping to your source will multiply your success in life and ministry. Make God your only alternative in your life and ministry. Stick to your calling. Stay in the office where you have been called. Do not cross to someone's lane.Never despise your calling. Are you called to teach? do it with excellence.
THE POWER OF DILIGENCE: The work of the ministry is not for lazy people. No lazy minister has a future.Success in ministry is recorded on diligent pursuit.The hand of the diligent will rule while the lazy person will be put to forced labor.The diligent shall be promoted and noticed by great achievers. Don't watch movies until ten o'clock each morning and expect to experience enviable success in life and ministry.

RECOGNITION OF THE GRACE OF GOD ON OTHERS: Every one called into ministry carries an anointing. The grace on each one of us is different but the same source. Recognize what God has put on other people and position yourself to be blessed by what you don't have. Whatever God has not given you is placed in someone close to you.

GODLY ASSOCIATIONS: To succeed in ministry, you will need godly associations.You don't need everyone to succeed but you need someone to succeed. Godly associations are vital and crucial for success in ministry. Godly associations are supposed to result in progress whereas a wrong association is dangerous and detrimental to success in life and ministry. Choose your associations wisely.

THE SCHOOL OF PATIENCE & FAITHFULNESS: Your ministry has a divinely appointed time to take-off and has different phases. Your ability to discern times and phases of your ministry will determine success in ministry. Lack of patience in the pursuit of your ministry may jeopardize your life. Go for an understanding of God's time table for every phase in your ministry. Understand that reports of others' successes and breakthroughs can make you impatience in the pursuit of your ministry. Pursue your calling with patience and faithfulness.

GENUINE LOVE FOR PEOPLE: Genuine love for people will ultimately multiply your success in life and ministry. Your ability to feel the hurt of people will cause you to succeed in ministry.

  MINISTERIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability will determine how far you go in life and ministry. Who can rebuke you when you are wrong? Who do you submit to? Ministerial accountability will help put your life in check because there are human agents who God has placed over your life who can correct you when you go wrong.
Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.
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