You cannot make news or impact without the anointing on your life. It doesn’t matter who you are, you need anointing to do whatever you have to do. Until the anointing of God come upon you you cannot do exploits in life .
Acts 10 :38  How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.
The works that Jesus did were done via the anointing. Jesus needed the anointing in order to fulfil His mission on earth. The proof of the anointing is change and results.We need the anointing because for every Moses there is a Pharaoh
The anointing is the burden removing and yoke breaking power.
The anointing is the power to function supernaturally
The anointing is the authority to perform with ease
The anointing is what empowers an ordinary man to do and achieve extraordinary things
The anointing is the power from God that enables a man to have sweatless victories
The anointing is the special equipment given to you by God for service.
The anointing is the power to move you on when everybody say you must stop
You need some SUPER added to your NATURAL for you to do super ordinary things. This super is given by God 

The Anointing Is The Vehicle Upon Which Your Destiny Can Be Fulfilled
It will be difficult for you to fulfill your destiny without anointing. The anointing must of a necessity operate in your life. It enables you to fulfill your destiny on this earth

The Anointing Confirms Your Divinity And Immunity
A man anointed by God seizes to be an ordinary man. You walk in the class of God. You are not a mere human being when the anointing is on your life .any one that touches you by mistake will die by correction

The Anointing Is The Platform For Divine Favour
Favour is the shovel of God that takes a man from the valley to the top. It is the divine perfume that comes on a man that makes him smell like heaven. All men are not the same. Favour makes great men take interest in you. it is not everything you must get by strength. It is the compelling force that makes men do things for you without knowing and planning for it. The anointing is the platform that releases this favour on you.

The Anointing Commands Answers To The Problems Of Life
A man that is anointed cannot be confounded. It means you cannot be stranded in life. The anointing works best in the atmosphere of problems. Judges 14 :5    .In the journey of life you will meet lion unannounced. But the anointing makes you do best when there are challenges. It makes you equipped. It makes you a caterpillar without a brake.

The Anointing Opens Doors That Are Shut
The anointing has the capacity to open doors. Some  doors must open for you. the anointing makes doors open on their own accord for you. Mega doors must open for you. Just one door called omega door that wipes away all your tears and automatically open other doors for you.

The Anointing Makes You Succeed Where Others Have Failed
 Where others say it is impossible you will say you can do it. Your case is different. What others suffer you will not suffer. Your name is not others. You do not measure your life with the performance of others. When people say there is a dry up you will blossom. You will enter the finest era of your life.

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